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"Union Cup Packages" (Union Cup registration + Brussels Airlines flights)

Terms & Conditions
We have Union Cup Packages Rules and Conditions -described hereunder - which you automatically accept when buying your Union Cup Packages.
The General Rules and Conditions for Union Cup Brussels 2015 and the General Rules and Conditions of Carriage of Brussels Airlines apply to the Official Union Cup Packages.
In case you have a specific question concerning your flight, please contact If you have a specific question referring to the overall organisation of the Union Cup Brussels 2015 tournament, please check out our website or contact

These general conditions apply to all Union Cup Brussels 2015 visitors buying a Union Cup Package:

Union Cup Packages
Prices are shown in euros per person and per package. In the summary of the package you will see a description of what the package includes per person. If you have bought a flight package, the package is based on a return flight including taxes.

Prices and changes
In the Union Cup Package, only the flight is refundable until 14/03/2015 at the latest. Make sure to check your package very carefully. Changes or cancellation of Union Cup Ticket are not possible after reservation and booking.
It is very important to keep a keen eye to the schedule of your plane. Due to unforeseen matters, there might be a change to the original schedule.
Be careful when finalizing your purchase. Name changes are not possible. Only in case of urgent matter, we will accept name changes until 14/03/2014 implying a fee of €25-, per name change. After this date, €100 will be charged for any name change.

Luggage Allowance
Union Cup Packages are composed with Brussels Airlines. Luggage allowance is a maximum of 23kgs per person. By purchasing Union Cup Packages for a group of minimum 9 people, you are entitled to an extra luggage allowance of 23kg per group.

Union Cup Packages don’t include insurances. Make sure to have a proper coverage on you insurances, such as health insurance for example, when you go abroad.
Data Protection
We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. Any personal data that we collect from you when you use this Website will be processed solely for the purchase of this Union Cup Package and will not be kept for later marketing purpose. You confirm that when using this Website, you consent to your personal data being used and processed for the handling of this Union Cup Package.
3rd Party Website Content
Where we provide links to websites other than, we aren't endorsing their products or services. Your use of these links is entirely at your own risk, and we can't accept responsibility or liability for the content, use or availability of these sites. We haven't checked the content of these sites. Our website may also contain some material provided by third parties and we can't accept responsibility or liability for the accuracy of that material.
The fulfillment of your purchase automatically implies your agreement with the rules and agreements of all concerned parties.

Applicable law
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with Union Cup Brussels 2015 including any disputes regarding the existence, validity or termination thereof, shall be settled in accordance with Belgian law in a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of Brussels, Belgium.

You will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions by your act of registering to participate in any role or event in the Union Cup Brussels 2015.
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also automatically acknowledge that you understand and agree to comply with the specific policies related to your activity, the use of this web site or any other specific conditions you may have declared through the registration process.
Union Cup 2015 is organised by Straffe Ketten Rugby Football Club, lawfully registered as an "ASBL" organisation in Belgium, a LGBTQ Sport and non-profit association ("Straffe Ketten").
Terms and conditions

Disclosure of personal information
I understand that as part of the registration process of Union Cup Brussels 2015, personal information is being collected by Straffe Ketten and stored in accordance to Belgian legislation. I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information for the purpose of enabling my participation in the official programme of Union Cup Brussels 2015; and for the purpose of receiving information related to my participation in this event from the Straffe Ketten in the form of electronic newsletters, promotional flyers and other communication media.
I give my consent to the Straffe Ketten to disclose my personal information to third parties involved in the organisation of Union Cup 2015 for the purposes of promoting the Union Cup Brussels 2015.

Health and insurance
I declare that I am in a physically fit and healthy state required for participation in events of Union Cup Brussels 2015 for which I am registering, and that I am not aware of any serious medical condition that would prevent me participating in these physical activities. For clarification, it is agreed that having been diagnosed as HIV positive is not considered a "serious medical condition" for the purposes of this clause.
If I sustain an injury or illness while participating in any role in the Union Cup Brussels 2015, I hereby authorise any medical or health personnel to perform and administer first aid medical treatment as deemed necessary and to seek more specialised medical attention at hospitals and health care institutions if deemed necessary by any first aid and medical staff or contractors of Union Cup.
I accept that it is my responsibility to organise my own travel insurance and personal accident insurance to cover my property and myself for the whole period of the Union Cup Brussels 2015. I agree that I have hereby been advised to acquire adequate personal accident and health care insurance as a participant in any role of Union Cup Brussels 2015.
I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the risks and hazards inherent in participation in the different events of Union Cup Brussels 2015. I acknowledge and agree that I have elected to voluntarily enter this agreement and to assume all risks of loss, damage and injury, including death that I may sustain as a consequence of my participation in any of the sports or other events that I have registered for. I hereby fully release the Straffe Ketten and all of its affiliated companies, sponsors, servants, agents, officers, directors, members and employees from any claims, actions, suits or demands of whatsoever nature arising out of or related in any way to my participation in the Event including any loss, damage, injury or death sustained by a third party as a result, directly or indirectly, of my participation in the event. I hereby fully indemnify the Straffe Ketten and all of its affiliated companies, sponsors, servants, agents, officers, directors, members and employees against all expenses, losses, damages and costs that they may incur as a result of my participation in the event.

Rules and regulations
I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Union Cup Brussels 2015 events as determined by Straffe Ketten and governing bodies for sport and related events including all written and verbal instructions given by the Straffe Ketten designated officials and event managers. I accept that decisions of the Straffe Ketten and Union Cup Brussels 2015 judges and tournament officials are final.
I agree that failure to comply with the official instructions, rules and regulations of Union Cup Brussels 2015 may result in immediate disqualification for events or from the games.
Venues and schedules of events may be changed or cancelled at Straffe Ketten's discretion after which Straffe Ketten may decide to provide a refund of participation fees. In the event that Straffe Ketten cancel the whole event or parts of the event for any reason whatsoever, I agree that I shall have no claim or action against the Straffe Ketten in respect of any loss, damage or expenses incurred by me as a result of such cancellation and accept and agree that I will only be entitled to a refund of the registration fee. In the event where I as a participant can no longer take part in the upcoming event I accept and agree that no claim or action will be taken against Straffe Ketten regarding payback of the registration fee. In the event of cancellation due to force majeure, I agree that I will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

Trademarks and branding
I agree not to make any unauthorised use of the Straffe Ketten logo or trade marks including “Union Cup”, "Union Cup Brussels 2015”, “Straffe Ketten” or any variation on these, on personal or team uniforms/clothing, merchandise, or promotional material and to abide by policies governing use of logos and trade names.
I agree not to act in a way that would compete with or devalue the Straffe Ketten and the Union Cup's rights regarding branding potential, logo rights, exclusive presence, etc. at venues where events are being staged. If at any time during the event, officials designated by Straffe Ketten determine, at their sole discretion, that my actions may result in the devaluation of said sponsor rights or competes with the event sponsors, I will be required to immediately cease such action, including the removal of any uniforms, signs or other items that compete with sponsor or potentially devalues such sponsorship.

Promotional material
I hereby grant the Straffe Ketten the unconditional right to use at its discretion photographic pictures of myself in any form of media, art, advertising, trade, visual documentary, promotional material, merchandise or film coverage of any kind without compensation to me or approval by me. I will not make any unauthorised reproductions or copies of the Union Cup Brussels 2015’s logo or likenesses without written permission of the Straffe Ketten.

Applicable law
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with Union Cup Brussels 2015 including any disputes regarding the existence, validity or termination thereof, shall be settled in accordance with Belgian law in a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of Brussels, Belgium.